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Masterpro at the forefront of technological innovation in the kitchen. Endorsed by professionals and chefs, we succeed in launching the highest quality products.

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Guiamos al foodie amateur en el apasionante mundo de la gastronomía. Queremos despertar al chef que llevas dentro de ti.


A key aspect of our vision of the future and a commitment that those of us forming part of Masterpro all share.


Our collection of food processors stands out for its exceptional quality, impeccable design and versatility. We have designed every detail to ensure the collection is extremely useful, with easy-to-use features that enable you to enjoy the best recipes in the world at home with no effort.

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Creativity, innovation and science


Masterpro collaborates with the Cook & Chef Institute Foundation whose mission is to guarantee innovation internationally in kitchenware products which contribute towards improving the culinary arts, with attention paid to people's nutrition, health and well-being by making top quality products available to them.

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